Sustainable Technology

The SVTC (Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition) have a vision of electronic products that result in sustainable communities and worksites, wherever the high-tech industry happens to exist!

The high-tech industry thrives on innovation, creating products that inspire our imagination, make our lives easier and connect people around the globe. However, the technology revolution has also come at great cost to communities around the world who suffer from high-tech pollution and related health problems associated with electronics production and disposal.

SVTC works with concerned people like you to shift the electronics industry to harness its dazzling ingenuity to create products that are toxic-free and completely recyclable. SVTC works locally in Silicon Valley, nationally and internationally to research the effects of electronics manufacturing and electronic waste, inform consumers on responsible electronics purchasing and recycling, and amplifying the voice of those most impacted by the high-tech revolution.

How You Can Help Create a Sustainable Future Electronics Purchasing Guide: Electronics companies say that customer demand is the single most compelling driver for them to make changes in their products. SVTC has a variety of tools that help individual consumers and institutional purchasers evaluate leading electronics companies and reward those with the best record for environmental and social performance. Learn more about how you can harness consumer power and create the market demand for greener electronics that do not harm communities or the environment. Learn more Electronics Recycling: There is a lot that consumers can do to mitigate the growing e-waste crisis. SVTC’s recycling guide shows not only where and how to recycle responsibly, but also how to press electronics companies to take back their old products, make them with less toxics and design them for easier recycling. Learn more

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